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Trauma Kits for Classrooms!

At Thrall ISD, the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. All of our staff have been trained by Williamson County personnel in Stop the Bleed, a national awareness campaign, which was launched in October of 2015 by the White House. The Stop the Bleed training teaches first aid methods designed to reduce loss of life from traumatic wounds, giving staff/citizens a head start in emergency situations before professionals may be able to arrive.
As an aide to the Stop the Bleed program, it is Thrall ISD's goal to place a Trauma Kit (also known as a Jacob kit) in all classrooms, in athletic departments, on buses and next to each AED throughout the District. Trauma kits will allow us to be even more prepared and be able to respond quickly should an incident or severe injury occur. Each kit provides easy-to-use tools that are proven to help save lives. Kits include compression bandages, gauze, tourniquets, trauma shears, and other items. If items are used out of the kits, individual item replacement is possible, thus making the kits usable for many years to come.
Our goal is to protect our students, staff and community from a preventable injury and possible death through training and empowerment. It is our hope that we will never have a real need to use the kits; however, if something does happen, we have been trained in what to do and now have the supplies to work with.
Donations have been accepted since the fall for Trauma Kits for Thrall ISD, and we have been able to purchase the parts, assemble the kits and place them in TISD classrooms. Kits range in cost from $65 for a basic kit to $125 for a more advanced kit. We will continue to gratefully accept any donations for the purchase of more trauma kits for buses and other locations around the campuses and also for the purchase of kit replacement items. Checks can be made payable to Thrall ISD with SHAC in the memo area.   
A special Thank You to Mr. Mark Moellenberg, Thrall Volunteer Fire Department Chief, and Mr. Chad Richter, Williamson County EMS Tactical Medic, for all of their assistance throughout this project. They provided help from the very beginning with Stop the Bleed training for staff, throughout the trauma kit selection/ordering/customizing process, and finally with the actual trauma kit assembly. We greatly appreciate all of the volunteer hours they contributed to make this project a success!    

Please contact Mrs. Lynn Crabb, RN, Thrall District School Nurse/SHAC Liaison with any questions or to receive more information 898-5293 ext. 410.